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There’s no doubt that we love movies and that’s what this is site is most about to give advice on all things to do with watching movies.  We will feature articles, from time to time, covering other aspects of promoting our overall movie watching experience.  For example, we’ll talk about how to assemble the right home theater for your house.  There are the obvious components for a home theater or media room such as a display.  Even that has many choices like a projector, of which there are dozens if not hundreds to choose among.  Then, what kind of screen do you want, what kind of material, what size, what kind of frame, and other factors.  If you don’t go the projector and screen direction, then we’re talking about some kind of television, which also have hundreds of choices in technologies, sizes, and features.

From there, you have a variety of electronics that have to do with every aspect of the audio and video presentation of the movie.  We even stray away from the electronics of it all and talk about furniture and other accessories for your room, which makes the experience more enjoyable.  One example of an important accessory for the room is acoustical sound treatments.  These can span from strategically placed normal furniture and accessory items like a rug to highly specialized acoustical gear made for this purpose.

We finally arrive at the main scope of this article, which is about maintaining things in your home and media room for maximum enjoyment.  We are publishing this article right after the official start to the summer and it’s a bit late to call it spring cleaning.  But, we know there are lots of great procrastinators like us out there, that may have also had a very busy springtime that didn’t allow for home maintenance and restoration.  Now is the perfect time to address some of these items and make sure you can continue enjoying your movie experiences for the rest of the year.

It might actually be beneficial to hold off on these activities until now in summer because many portions of the country experience pretty strong spring storms that may have done some damage that you want to address now.  Here in western Pennsylvania have had an active springtime with weather and one of the things we’re doing is inspecting the exteriors of our homes for any storm damage.  You can just eyeball it and see if you spot any problems, but the right way to approach it is to use an expert.  Many times, damage can occur in a way that the untrained eye may not observe it.  We recommend a trusted resource to do the work right.

The weather is now and the time is right to pick up on those spring cleaning items and get your home in tip top shape so you can relax and watch some great flicks the rest of the summer.  We’ll see you in the next article.


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