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Coffee is Healthy with Gaggia Classic

“I need some coffee now!” You might be thinking. If we can understand, we often feel the same way. Because coffee not only kicks us, it is – in moderation – also healthy and can do more than you think. Or did you know, for example, that coffee can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease? Coffee drinkers are also said to develop liver cancer, up to 40 percent less often. The brewed drink contains various antioxidants, including cafestol and kahweol, which counteract liver fibrosis. The coffee a day does not spare a doctor. But now there are numerous positive and proven effects of the brewed drink on health. (See here for a Comprehensive Review of Gaggia Classic Pro)

What makes coffee so healthy?

What effects does coffee have on our health? Numerous scientific studies and researchers have already dealt with the question. Like beans, they come in the typical 500-gram package. Not all areas independent as they are. However, a British meta-study that evaluated more than 200 such studies concluded that coffee had around 19 positive health effects. For comparison: there were only six adverse effects. In particular, the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks or strokes is reduced by drinking coffee.

According to British scientists, what makes roasted coffee so healthy is its antioxidant ingredients. Coffee is a “complex mixture of over 1000 bioactive compounds” and more than 800 aromatic substances. Everyone processes them differently. Nevertheless, together they usually have a stimulating, anti-inflammatory, even anti-cancer effect. The bronchi are also slightly dilated when drinking coffee, which in turn improves the oxygen supply.

Reasons coffee is healthy

Coffee increases the ability to think. As researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore have found, coffee or the caffeine it contains is not just a stimulant – it also improves memory. Only 200 milligrams of caffeine increase memory and help with learning.

Coffee can be sexually arousing

Especially women. At least that’s what Fay Guarraci of Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas claims. Then caffeine stimulates the same areas of the brain that are responsible for the level of sexual arousal.

Coffee lowers the risk of diabetes

More precisely: that of type 2 diabetes, by a whopping 50 percent. But only for those who drink four cups a day. According to a study by the American Chemical Society, every additional cup reduces the risk by another seven percent.

Coffee against help against bad breath

Because some coffee substances have an antibacterial effect, they ensure better breath and less bad breath, according to a study by the Israeli University of Tel Aviv. Coffee with milk, however, makes your breath worse again. Reason: In the oral cavity, bacteria break down milk and coffee back into malodorous substances.

Even the smell of coffee lowers the stress level

In experiments with rats, scientists at Seoul National University observed that those animals exposed to coffee aromas already showed differences in brain proteins, which in turn reduced the feeling of stress and fatigue.

Caffeine and glucose make you smart.

Coffee and cake in the afternoon – a good idea! Josep M. Serra Grabulosa from the University of Barcelona discovered that while we sip an espresso and nibble on a sweet snack, we stimulate our gray matter. In magnetic resonance imaging, brain scans showed that the combination of caffeine and glucose increased the subjects’ cognitive processes, especially attention, memory, and thinking efficiency.

Coffee protects against inflammation

Scientists from the renowned Stanford University come to this conclusion. In particular, chronic inflammation, which is more common in old age, coffee can prevent and protect against heart disease and extend life, say immunologists David Furman and Mark Davis.

Those who drink coffee live longer

This is the result of a Harvard meta-study. To this end, the researchers analyzed more than 200,000 data sets on eating habits for over 30 years. The result: those who drank up to five cups of coffee a day were less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases and diabetes than those who did not drink coffee. Remarkable: the effect also occurs with decaffeinated coffee.

Coffee helps fight depression

According to studies by the National Institute of Health, people who drink four or five cups of coffee a day have a ten percent lower risk of becoming depressed than coffee-reluctant. This is the contained antioxidants, which stimulate serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine and thus trigger a kind of high in the body. The result is also confirmed by a study by the Harvard School of Public Health. After that, just two to four cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of suicide by 50 percent.

How many cups of coffee a day are healthy?

Between three and five cups of coffee a day is entirely harmless to health and can positively affect health – see the reasons above. If you drink more than five cups of coffee a day, you could get hallucinations from it. At least that’s what Australian researchers think. When they examined the effects of caffeine and stress on 92 test subjects, the scientists soon found that a high caffeine level combined with everyday stress leads to an increased risk of hallucinations. For some illnesses, excessive coffee consumption is also not recommended by doctors. But it would help if you discussed this directly with your doctor – or switch to decaffeinated coffee.

Benefits of Email Marketing and Facebook Marketing

These days, everyone goes to the Internet when they need something. It is easy to search on Google. Therefore, there is a good reason why it is best to market your brand through the Internet. The best strategies are definitely Facebook Marketing and Email Marketing. More and more companies are using these strategies in an effort to strengthen their sales. The two have proven to be effective and it will only be a matter of time before each company uses the marketing strategies no matter which industry they are. Here are some of the benefits of using Email Marketing and Facebook Marketing:

Reach an Engaged Audience

You can share a post to people who are already interested in your brand. Therefore, there is a good chance they will share the good news to their friends. Besides, they would not have liked your Facebook page or subscribed to your newsletter if they don’t believe in what your brand is all about. When you update the audience with more news, it would pop up on their news feed. There is a chance they would comment on it and that would make interaction great. Of course, better remember the proper email etiquette as there is a format for composing an email. If you don’t, they may ignore your emails because they usually receive a ton of emails per day.


Compared to traditional marketing methods that are a pain to the wallet, these strategies are much cheaper. You will even see better results when you apply them. Thus, you are going to get your money’s worth. Since you won’t spend much for these marketing strategies, you will have more budget for other company expenses. Everyone knows you have a lot of things to spend on for your company including employee salaries and office furniture. Therefore, when you have the opportunity to lower your expenses, you better take it because an opportunity like that does not present itself often.

Easy to get Started

The process of starting these two marketing strategies is pretty basic. All you need to do is to make an email account and that will only take a few minutes. Of course, you would need an email account in order to make a Facebook account because you would need to verify your account. When you download a business software, you can even schedule your Facebook posts. That would be ideal for small to medium businesses who would want to get social media posts done in one day. Before you know it, your Facebook account would be posting by itself.

Easy to Share

Everyone and their grandfathers have a Facebook and an email account. It is just impossible not to have one. Also, a Facebook post is easy to share to your friends. All you need to do is click on the share button at the Facebook post and you are all done. Now, there is even a feature in your privacy settings that will allow you to choose which friends you will share the post to. Thus, you have the option not to share it with your friends who will probably judge you.

Now that you know the benefits of Email Marketing and Facebook Marketing (check out the Sendiio Review for a powerful system related to this), it would be better to find out how you can use these strategies to its full extent. It would be a shame if you were not able to because you won’t get what you really wanted. Don’t wait until it is too late. You never know what you might be missing out. It won’t be long before you would want to check out other social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram and see if you can also reap the benefits by using those websites. Besides, it won’t cost a cent to make a social media account. You just need to be active or you will probably forget your password.

Don’t forget to change it every now and then or else someone may hack into your account. Don’t let everything you’ve worked hard for go down the drain. You just need to be sure the password is something that is not associated with the business software. Make it something that people don’t know you by so nobody would be able to guess it.

How to Choose the Best Speakers for Your Car

Whether you want to replace your car’s speakers that have blown or just looking to upgrade them, it’s important to ensure you pick the right car speakers which work for you.
If you spend most of the time in your vehicle, then you really know the importance of having a high-quality sound system. Whether you are a fan of road trips or you commute daily to your job or school, odds are you use, your car sound system a lot. Upgrading your car audio speakers can make your riding experience nicer, so that your audio-books, podcasts, and music sound much better.

Upgrading your car speakers is a really exciting project, regardless of whether you want to enhance your audio system, or want to replace a damaged speaker. On the market, you can find lots of good speaker systems to meet whatever your budget and desires may be.  It’s also a very easy way to upgrade your vehicle. However, for a beginner, buying new speakers can be a stressful task, so it’s imperative to know what you need to look for. In order to make this process as smooth as possible, we have put together a tips on how to select the best audio speakers for your car.

1. Choose your style

Speakers come in different styles, and you can choose whichever style catches your eye first. You can pick between a component speaker or full range speaker system. If you’re not familiar with these terms, full range audio speakers are simply the basic speaker units that are come with most cars. In full range speaker system, all the components of the speakers (woofers, tweeters, woofers, and super tweeters) are included in one group of speakers. Usually, the vehicle has 2 of these groups, located at front doors. The advantages of full range system are that they are usually easier to install, more affordable, and use up small space. The other option of speakers is a component system, in which each speaker is free-standing. In this type, each speaker is placed in a different area of the vehicle, which produces a more realistic and comprehensive sound. If you mainly listen to talk audio-books, podcasts, or radio, then you will barely even see the difference, and you may want to choose the full range system, as it is likely to be cheaper. However, If you primarily like listening to music, you will likely experience good sound quality with the component system.

2. Choose a Price Range

Car speakers are found in different price brackets. You can find several quality types for under 100 dollars, or you can spend more than $1000 for high-end systems. It will depend on how much dollars you want to part with on your car speaker system. Because there a big difference in speaker prices, you should determine how much you will be spending before you go shopping. This will help you avoid getting convinced into spending more than you intended to.

3. Buy speakers that match with your car

It’s important to buy speakers that match with your car stereo. When buying new car speakers, you should ensure that the speakers will work perfectly with your vehicle stereo. Car stereos can generally be divided into 2 general categories; low powered, which can be defined as fifteen or fewer watts RMS and high powered, which is sixteen watts or more RMS per channel. Low powered stereo systems should be coupled with high sensitivity speakers, whilst high powered stereo systems need to be paired with low sensitivity speakers. Likewise, if your car’s stereo is high powered, your speakers must be be capable of handling a high amount of power, most if possible as much as the sound system is outputting.  Bottom line, you definitely want car speakers with good sound quality and we can’t stress enough to do some reading of reviews to become familiar with what’s available out there.

4. Shop around

It’s important to shop around when looking for car speakers. You can make use of online resources as they are more convenient. If you know precisely the kind of car speakers you want for your vehicle, then it is probably good to purchase them online, because you can shop around to find the best deal for you.

Ensure that you check several online marketplaces before making your order so that you can find good deals. Actually, it is not always the big and popular websites that offer the best prices.

A Guide to Buying Car Accessories

Road trips are only enjoyable when you are able to drive comfortably with a peace of mind. This means that as the designated driver, you will need accessories to make the drive more interesting. There are different car driver accessories in online shops. However, the large number of shops and names used for similar items could be confusing when buying car accessories.

Reliable online places for car accessories must meet the following standards:

Offer High-Quality Accessories

Car accessories for drivers have flooded the market, and this has also resulted in a huge influx of counterfeit accessories. The online place you choose to buy the car accessories from must offer the best items that are available in the market. Customer reviews on their experiences should be your guide.



Thorough research will give you information about the authenticity of the online shop. They should have approved and updated licenses to sell the car accessories.


Thumbs up from clients

Once you visit a website or a friend recommends that you get car organizers from a particular online shop, you will have no doubts about the reliability of the shop. Positive and negative testimonials from clients will help you in deciding the best place to get your car accessories to make the trip comfortable.


User Manuals and Demos

The best and most reliable online shops will give guidance on how to best strap the car accessories to your car. Most car accessories dealers understand the need for demos because of different car models and driving skills. They should be easy to fix.


Mode of Payment

In most cases, you will be required to pay for the items bought before delivery. Other companies understand that this may not be possible for everyone and will give you the chance to pay after the delivery is made. Payment after trying and seeing the car organizer is a good business setup, and you should consider an online shop with such facilities.


Speed of Delivery

When you need an item delivered within a day, do you think that the online shop you have visited will be able to make the delivery as fast as you need them to? If not, then you will have to consider visiting alternative shops.


Value of the Car Accessories

Will the accessories add value to your car and will they make your trip more comfortable? You do not wish to have items sprawled on the car floor as you ascend and maneuver the hillside. Also, the price you pay should be reasonable and offer maximum benefit. A shop with a car organizer, bumper stick and price cards at a discounted price would be a better place for you to buy from.

Online reviews will help you find out how long the accessories last and whether they are worth the price being asked at the online shops.  There’s also good advice out there regarding the items, like their usefulness.  For example, we learned a little while ago how every garage should have led lights.  And, once we executed on this in our own home, we saw what a great decision it was.


Return Policies

The stipulated policies on the return of products if unsatisfied should be friendly and reasonable. Getting your money back if the product was torn would be an incentive for you to buy from an online store.

The most reliable car accessories for drivers are reasonably priced and able to carry all extra and small items comfortably. They should be easy to maintain and use.

Spring Cleaning and Home Restoration

There’s no doubt that we love movies and that’s what this is site is most about to give advice on all things to do with watching movies.  We will feature articles, from time to time, covering other aspects of promoting our overall movie watching experience.  For example, we’ll talk about how to assemble the right home theater for your house.  There are the obvious components for a home theater or media room such as a display.  Even that has many choices like a projector, of which there are dozens if not hundreds to choose among.  Then, what kind of screen do you want, what kind of material, what size, what kind of frame, and other factors.  If you don’t go the projector and screen direction, then we’re talking about some kind of television, which also have hundreds of choices in technologies, sizes, and features.

From there, you have a variety of electronics that have to do with every aspect of the audio and video presentation of the movie.  We even stray away from the electronics of it all and talk about furniture and other accessories for your room, which makes the experience more enjoyable.  One example of an important accessory for the room is acoustical sound treatments.  These can span from strategically placed normal furniture and accessory items like a rug to highly specialized acoustical gear made for this purpose.

We finally arrive at the main scope of this article, which is about maintaining things in your home and media room for maximum enjoyment.  We are publishing this article right after the official start to the summer and it’s a bit late to call it spring cleaning.  But, we know there are lots of great procrastinators like us out there, that may have also had a very busy springtime that didn’t allow for home maintenance and restoration.  Now is the perfect time to address some of these items and make sure you can continue enjoying your movie experiences for the rest of the year.

It might actually be beneficial to hold off on these activities until now in summer because many portions of the country experience pretty strong spring storms that may have done some damage that you want to address now.  Here in western Pennsylvania have had an active springtime with weather and one of the things we’re doing is inspecting the exteriors of our homes for any storm damage.  You can just eyeball it and see if you spot any problems, but the right way to approach it is to use an expert.  Many times, damage can occur in a way that the untrained eye may not observe it.  We recommend a trusted resource to do the work right.

The weather is now and the time is right to pick up on those spring cleaning items and get your home in tip top shape so you can relax and watch some great flicks the rest of the summer.  We’ll see you in the next article.


9 of the best 2017 movies

Below you will find a list of the best 2017 films that have amazed us, fun, excited or impacted by these twelve months. Below you can consult the individual lists of the editors, in case you are curious and want to check with whom you agree more.  Once you’re ready to confirm our brilliant recommendations for yourself by viewing, then head on over to an online movie site to stream these puppies straight to your screen and have a great time.

La La Land

La La Land is a film like the ones that were done before, but tremendously modern. It is nostalgic, romantic, magical and unique. And it works as a portrait of a generation to that generation that dreams, but gives it all for lost. A push to not give up.A toast to keep on dreaming.

Manchester by the Sea

The great interpretations are not the only thing but summarize the virtues of the film. His visual modesty conveys the feeling that the director protects his characters, respecting their pain, diverting their sight and giving them their space. But he captures them trying to overcome it in a way that is faithful to the life we know, offering a different vision of the family and a beautiful and atypical resolution, which few filmmakers dare to try.

The Cure for Wellness

‘The cure of well-being’ is a true festival of bewilderment that is punctuated, in addition, by a festival of references related to fantastic cinema of all times. The exquisite visual care that frames the entire film in nightmarish sequences, makes it connect with a genuine Gothic philosophy: it is possible to be macabre and beautiful at the same time.


Regardless of the format in which it is seen, ‘Dunkirk’ will not stop being a true masterpiece. His expertise in managing time, his asphyxiating atmosphere, and his magnificent production design, coupled with an impeccable invoice, will continue to shape one of the most important films of the century.


‘Moonlight’ is a fascinating portrait of the male fragility that knows how to use all the problems that plague its protagonist to offer a portrait as delicate as interesting of its life evolution. It perfectly combines the realistic touch with a lyrical element that is enhanced as the occasion requires. A unique movie that showcases a topic that is often not explored.

Guardians of the Galaxy

James Gunn has achieved the unthinkable: overcome his previous success. Not only has the humor and the amusingness of the original, it is more mature and exciting. You feel that James Gunn has supervised and taken care of every detail; Marvel has given him more freedom and more money, and it shows. It’s everything you dream when they sell you an author overproduction. A unique adventure, everything we can ask of Hollywood and more.

Get Out

The first film by Jordan Peele recovers the symbolic potential of genre film to throw the viewer a sour reflection on racial prejudice, collecting the witness of dozens of horror films with a satirical message that has preceded him with some visual findings of an experienced teacher.


‘Logan’ is a sensational film that manages to be placed in the Olympus of cinema with superheroes reserved so far for titles like ‘The Protected’ (‘Unbreakable’), ‘The Incredibles’ and ‘The Dark Knight’. All of them very different from each other and that is something that is preserved with the addition of the farewell of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

A Ghost Story

A tremendously catholic and personal work.Reserved for open viewers, eager to make an effort to capture details of the plans while reflecting a little on the meaning of life after death. It is a very interesting experimental piece, different in its intentions and fascinating in its beautiful composition of square frames.

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